Quality system’s certification for health products


A team of specialists.Auditeur certipharm

Thirty specialists qualified to audit sectorial activities:

  • Transport
  • Active ingredients
  • Finished products

An average of 25-30 years of experience. Business volume that maintains competence in audit. Each auditor signs the code of ethics that ensures confidentiality in their work. The qualification is renewed on a triennial basis.

Global mobility.

CERTIPHARM has a team of experienced and efficient auditors that can conduct audits in any country in the world. Since 2007, CERTIPHARM auditors have carried out numerous audits for French and foreign customers in :

  • Europe,
  • China,
  • India,
  • Korea,
  • Israel,
  • Russia,
  • USA,
  • Mexico,
  • Argentina.

Our auditors are from the pharmaceutical world.