Quality system’s certification for health products


Audit by your customers are increasing, each of them with new requirements.

To prepare yourself, CERTIPHARM certification can help you thanks to Good Practice (GP) standart or others specific standarts, applied to your specialization.

This certification guarantees a well designed, implemented and maintained quality system.

The Certificate

After intial audit, the certificate is delievered for three years

An annual follow-up audit permits to verify the good functionning

At the end of this period, a renewal audit is necessary for its maintain.


Advantages for the certified

Improved standing with Health Authorities
Approval by your customers
Commitment to the long term.

Do I or Can I have all or part of my organization certified ?

Better certify anything that directly or indirectly affects GMPs. Otherwise there are gaps and this is not acceptable.

• If the health product transport domain is chosen to be certified, all provisions relating to this activity must be within the scope of certification.


Why Certipharm ?

• Certipharm has a long experience in certification and a competent staff.

• It is a competent organization in the field, with experienced auditors and certification committee members


What does a Certipharm certification give me ?

• Certipharm has a good reputation in the French pharmaceutical industry.

Expertise and certain recognition.


Here are the different CERTIPHARM standards as well as the certification guide and the regulation for use of the brand

This certification guarantees a well designed, implemented and maintained quality system. Audits of your customers can then be simplified and restricted to their specific needs; the durations and frequencies of these audits are then reduced.


pdf-downloadStandard CERTIPHARM N°219 version 1.2

CERTIPHARM certification is a single reference for all those working in the quality of health products. You receive numerous audits of customers, each with differing requirements.


pdf-downloadLe guide de Certification tierce partie- N° 098-18
pdf-downloadRèglement d’utilisation de la marque

pdf-downloadLe Guide d’audit pour l’attestation de conformité aux BPD