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Certificate of compliance with BPD

For your storage, logistics and distribution activities (which are not covered by certification under the Certipharm 032 Transport of Health Products standard), CERTIPHARM offers to check the compliance of your quality system with GDP (Good Distribution Practices) during the audit.


Depending on the deviations observed, CERTIPHARM can issue you with a certificate of compliance with the GDP.


What it is:

Good distribution practice sets out the fundamental principles that must be respected in the good distribution of pharmaceutical products (quality management, personnel, premises, equipment, etc.).


For whom:

The GPD concern the wholesale distribution of medicinal products for human use by pharmaceutical establishments: they are applicable to manufacturers, operators in charge of wholesale distribution operations, stockists and wholesale distributors, importers, and any pharmaceutical establishment engaged in the wholesale distribution of medicinal products on national territory or from national territory.



he pharmacist responsible is required to ensure that the conditions of storage, distribution and transport guarantee the proper preservation, integrity and safety of medicinal products for persons authorised or entitled to supply medicinal products to the public or to use them. The certificate of compliance can be sent to the pharmacist responsible.

Cost of certification:

In order to calculate the duration of the audit, several factors are taken into account so that the calculation is specific to the scope of each company.

To obtain a calculation tailored to your company, please complete and send us the information sheet below:

Download the 196 informations form file


Useful documents :

- The guide forCertificate of compliance with BPD :
Download the document Guide to the certificate of conformity

- The Rules governing the use of the Brand
Download the document Rules governing the use of the brand


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